Customer’s objective is to streamline availability service for self-service & validation machines located in most of italian rail stations.


Self Services machine’s extreme complexity, together with large territorial presence and the need to re-locate them based on commercial strategies, makes maintenance planning & operation very expensive.


The very same problem occurs for validation machines.


Provided solution enable customer for granular near-real time monitoring of every self services & validation machine; for each machines the solution is able to control each technological component.


Generated data can be than used to generate a synoptic view of Service availability.


Starting from a general territorial map, user can drill down to to specific station and then to the specific self service machine or validation machine.


No monitoring agent is installed on monitored system.


Thanks to Mcubo ICT, customer is now able to:


  • have meaningful & near-real time data about service availability for every monitored self service machine and validation machine
  • Send automatic daily reports to all operation manager (both regional or national), regarding known maintenance to be performed.
  • Generate proactive maintenance alerts, based upon machine behaviour and customer’s utilization.
  • Calculate system availability & performance index, for single machine, station, local area, region, etc.

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