Customer needed a monitoring solution for its brand new data/voip network that interconnects several financial institutions around Europe.


The aim of the project was to have real time data for availability & quality of service, in order to calculate appropriate SLA.


Due to very high criticality of delivered services, Many SLA were fixed and a monitoring solution was crucial to offer automated alarms, granular error detection and exhaustive reporting features.


MCubo ICT provides near-real time monitoring for all network devices, and data/Voice connection links available between every interested financial institution.


From a a Map View user can clearly see availability & performance level for every connection link. If necessary, user can easily drill down to singular financial institute map or singular network device or connection link.


Delivered solution is already integrated with carrier’s trouble ticket platform, enabling automatic ticket issuing in case of faults or low performances detected on monitored connection links.


Thanks to Mcubo ICT, customer is now able to:


  • immediately see availability and performance of monitored connection links.
  • use a unique dashboard for real time & historical view of trouble tickets generated by the solution.
  • automatically report for performance parameters requested by SLA.
  • Automatic issue (weekly & monthly based) of capacity reports to all Network & Services Operation managers.
  • perform automatic link availability calculation.


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