An important air navigation service provider showed us the need to implement a monitoring platform able to offer an easy & immediate synoptic view for the entire operation network and main services delivered on it.


Mcubo ICT is the proper answer to customer needs, enabling full control of the network with a geo-located map with all links and monitored devices & services.


Mcubo ICT performs functional monitoring for elected services, together with technological monitoring of each critical transmission device.


For each service and single airport specific rules and SLA were defined to properly check if the service is correctly delivered


Main goals achieved by customer using MCubo ICT:


  • Real time knowledge about services delivered by customer operation network.
  • restore redundancy faults alarm generation.
  • Real time Reporting features for all monitored device & service.
  • easy-of-use geo-location maps.


Customer Operation network is an high critical infrastructure and Mcubo ICT is considered by the customer as a MUST HAVE solution for its High redundancy Geographical Network.


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