• Control your main business components

    MCubo ICT modular architecture gives You the flexibility to manage & control high-complex ICT environments.

  • Maximize network devices uptime

    With MCubo ICT you can remote monitor your infrastructure, by using threshold, alerts & Push Notifications.
    A proactive Platform to prevent downtime e promptly react to issues.

  • ICT infrastructure at your fingertips

    with its user-friendly interface, Mcubo ICT gives easy understanding of your ICT infrastructure, no matter of tech know how you have.


An integrated solution that fits your needs

Mcubo ICT is a modular & easy ICT monitoring solution that enables you to control in an easy and customizable way your whole ICT infrastructure.
Solution implementation is very fast, allowing you to integrate already owned applications and grow together with ICT infrastructure & Business needs.

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Easy & Proactive Process monitoring

Infrastructure Geolocation

Intuitive Maps to see your territorial ICT infrastructure

Interactive Data chart

Interactive Overview to guide users through infrastructure components.

Data Analysis

Realtime data analysis & custom dashboards.

Open Architecture

Thanks to Open Standard adoption, MCuboICT covers all standard ICT components, no matter of typology, brand and OS.

Data Analysis

Powerful on demand/batch data analysis engine.

Big Data Analytics

Analysis processing & Data Correlation also with external data with machine learning techniques.

Synoptic Views

Easy management of complex ICT infrastructure using powerful graphic representation.

SLA Monitoring

Automated Service Level calculation

Priority Management

User can customize dashboard view, highlighting critical system & resources.

Case studies

Behind any Success
there is a Story to tell

Many of most important Italian Enterpises & Government Institutions relies on Mcubo ICT for management & control of their etherogeneous & complex ICT infrastructure. Discover why.


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